Shuttles from Bucharest airport! Good to know!

You arrived at Bucharest Henri Coanda airport, miles away from you native city. In case you reached the city without prior transfer arrangements, considering that you will find the airport shuttle to take you to the center of Bucharest, than you might have an issue to resolve. In Otopeni-Bucharest the only regular means of transportation are two lines of the public bus. Which are our pieces of advice?

1. Rather plan than wait

In case you are to travel to Bucharest, plan your transfers aforehand. It takes you no longer than 3 minutes to book a transfer. Waiting for the public transportation is not that fast!

Besides, you have to buy the tickets and pay in local currency (RON/lei) and money exchange at the airport is such a rip off!

2. Comfort comes affordable

In case you are money saver and believe private transfers are expensive, then think twice! We are in Romania and you will pay for an airport transfer in Bucharest less than you paid for your taxi from your local pub after an evening out with your boys. Read our lips: In Bucharest, comfort comes affordable.

3. Shuttle is a private option

In case you google the internet for Bucharest airport shuttle, we have news for you: all the results are exactly what we propose: private transfers! As already said, there is no public airport shuttles organised by the Otopeni airport.

4. Pay what it is worth it

Purchasing your transfer in advance, you pay the right costs, without any other costs. You are safe in price and transport. You have the certainty that what you pay is what you get.

5. In case you still go for public transport…

In case we have not convinced you that private transfers are the safest, option rate/ comfort, elegant transport, you still have the public bus as an option to reach the center of Bucharest. There are two lines 780 and 783. You have to wait for the public transport outside arrivals. As already mentioned the tickets can be bought only in Romanian lei.

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