Jason Harvey wins Copthall 400 hurdles in British League


Northern Ireland hurdler Jason Harvey seems he’s peaking perfectly in the build-up towards Commonwealth Games following a season’s best run on Saturday.

The 23-year-old, running for Liverpool Harriers, clocked 50.79 in victorious the 400 m obstacles competition at a British League gathering at Copthall, London.

Harvey has additionally qualified to run for Ireland in the EU Championships in Zurich.

Nonetheless, he has two races prior to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow .

Harvey expects to be facing Irish champ Tom Barr from Waterford in Friday evening’s Morton Games at Santry Stadium.

Then he intends to compete within the Irish National Senior Championships just before advancing towards Scotland.

Harvey feels his planning for the Commonwealths have gone very well and is relishing the chance to race at two big championships this summer.

“Saturday’s run has given me confidence because it was very windy and I feel I could go faster in flat conditions,” he said.

“If could run a personal best in Glasgow, say 49.6 or 49.7, that could be enough for a place in the final.

“I do not see why I cannot get to the final. I just need the conditions and the right guys to race against.

“I feel I am peaking perfectly.”

British League Premier Division 400 metres obstacles result: 1 Jason Harvey (Liverpool H/Crusaders/Ireland) 50.79; 2 Paul Byrne (St Abbans/Ireland) 51.91; 3 Steven Garrett (City of Sheffield/East Anglia University) 52.38.

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