Taxis to and from Bucharest airport. To or not to be

It has been a long discussion in Romania regarding Bucharest airport transfers  and which is the most comfortable and safe means of transportation to and forth city. The discussion became acute since the authorities had decided that in the arrivals perimeter there will be allowed only several taxis companies. The apex was reached at the beginning of April 2016 when the regulations about taxis at the airport were reconsidered once more the legislation.

The initial regulation concerning taxis at the airport

The government regulations initially addressed to the specific individuals practicing pseudo taxi driving, but the decision affected the entire taxi industry. There has been complaints about the practices of speculative drivers who overcharged  clients. The government took  the decision that only singular taxis companies to have access to the airport. The decision  was expanded to the level of every taxi driver  within the accredited company.  All the persons that are allowed to drive passengers from the airport has to have all the documents and permits up to date.

It is a decision that leads to  enforcing the law and tourists safety on the one hand. On the other hand, the lack of taxi drivers on the airport to perform transfers to Bucharest city,  affected unprepared tourists.

Actually that’s why we, chauffeured services drivers, here. For pre-booked services, the transfer is guaranteed. So is the tourist safety and the amount to be paid for a ride.

Why transfers are different with private chauffeured services



First and above all,  the service is guaranteed. Once a serviced is booked, the passenger is certain about the finality of the airport transfer, as a door to door service.

Fixed price

Bucharest airport transfers are at fixed price, known by the tourist at the moment of reservation.


Chauffeured services in Bucharest are rather limo services than taxis ones and they also include meet and greet by the  airport. The cars are always clean and safe, drivers speak foreign languages and they are super- polite.

In case you have a dilemma about how do get a taxi from the airport, we offer you the better  and safer alternative: our chauffeur services and private transfer.

Book a ride!

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