5 Top Tips For Planning The Perfect Children’s Birthday Party in London

London is one of the greatest cities on earth, andlo not just for us grownups. Hence, planning the perfect children’s birthday party in London can prove problematic not because of a lack of things to do, but the scope of what is out there and possible. Then, here are five top tips to getting it right and ideas about how to realise the perfect party.

Birthday Parties in the Great Outdoors…and Great Indoors

It is said time and time again that ‘kids these days’ do not play out or spend enough time simply running about. Then, throwing a children’s birthday party can prove the perfect excuse to get the kids up, out and burning off some of some energy.

To avoid the tears and traumas of pitting the kids against each other or potentially alienating the less sporty children in the group, instead consider an adventure park themed birthday party such as those provided by BF Adventure. BF Adventure runs a whole host of activities including ‘archery, zip wire, rock climbing, abseiling, canoeing, kayaking, bush craft and quarrysteering’ for children aged 8 and up.

Meanwhile, for the younger kids, consider booking a party with an indoor adventure playground, such as that of Adventure Zone located in Battersea which hosts parties for age groups between 1 and 8.

Party at the Zoo

Planning a children’s party for any occasion can prove the perfect opportunity to get kids involved in something that is as educational as it is fun. Not only do the kids get hands on and involved, meaning that they are sure to absorb and learn far more from the experience, making learning an interactive experience also means creating memories and sparking interests that could stay with them forever.

For ideas about how and where to turn when thinking of throwing a party that gets the kids as excited about learning as they are about going to a party, begin by looking into museums, zoos and galleries. London has such a wealth of all three and many of which already offer children’s party packages, including London Zoo. What’s more you can research online.

So, to find out more about the party packages available at London Zoo, visit the London Zoo website which features a number of PDF brochures explaining all, including a PDF Zoo Birthday Party brochure.

Party on a Pirate Ship

Adventure can mean just about anything, especially when you are a child. One adventure sure to hit the mark with most if not all kids out there though is the one to be had by planning to party on London’s very own replica pirate, The Golden Hinde.

Located on London’s historic Bankside near London Bridge, the Golden Hinde provides kids (and grown ups too) an opportunity to explore life as a pirate, search for hidden treasure, experience the reality of onboard dungeons and have a truly swashbuckling time.

To find out what other gems the ship and its crew have to offer pint-sized pirates and party goers, navigate your way to the Golden Hinde website.

Hire a Professional Party Planner

Because organising, planning and realising a children’s birthday party can prove far more time consuming, costly and complicated than most realise, at least when they first attempt it, many opt to instead hire a professional party planner. For parents or guardians with little time or simply less confident about going it alone, enlisting the help of the professionals is definitely a good idea.

Then, discovering a team such as those at Twizzle can prove a god send. Twizzle don’t just devise and realise fantastic parties for children of all ages, from themed parties (think pirates, prehistoric, superheroes and the likes), they are as well are experts when it comes to putting on a more ‘grown up’ party, such as for the teens.

To learn more, head over to the Twizzle website.

Party in the World’s Best Toy Shop

Every kid dreams of being locked in a toy shop, but for those planning a children’s birthday in London, that dream could very much become a reality.

Hamley’s, one of the world’s most famous and best loved toy shops, situated in London’s Oxford Circus actually offer children’s parties that involve a sleepover spent in the shop itself. Further, Hamley’s are happy to tailor their party sleepover package to suit almost any theme a child might like. Meanwhile, once there the kids are invited to delve into the store’s own Sweet Factory before embarking on a treasure hunt of the store itself. Finally, the kids are treat to a host of a birthday feas before climbing into their sleeping bags to enjoy a late-night movie.

Visit the Hamley’s website to learn more.

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