Prom dresses fit for a Queen

Going to the prom should be a statement even if you are or not competing for the crown.

This is one of the most important event in your life, of course not as important as your wedding, but this is still a big step and you have to keep everything in mind if you want to look perfect.

Buying a fancy dress surely would cost pretty much, but you can also make it at a local seamstress if you have some creative ideas. This could be a super cool idea because surely your dress will be unique and the design original. You can even paint or dye the fabric in order to make it even more interesting.

Another advantage is that it would fit you perfectly and the length will be adjusted to the heels you will want to wear, making dancing much more enjoyable.

There surely is the other option, buying a super fancy designer prom dress if your budget is that big. But if you will look for it a season ahead, you might just find the perfect discount for the dream dress and get at half price. It doesn’t matter if it’s last season, just think of buying something more versatile, classic even. A neutral color and simple cut so that you would spend the money wise.

Maxi dressed look amazing and they are the best pick for an elegant prom night. Never go for a drop waist maxi because it will make your legs look short. An A-line dress or a maxi shift gown will look perfect with high heels and a small beaded clutch.


A perfect dress calls for perfect shoes. Try some interesting yet very comfortable shoes that will complete your ball look. Metallic textures or neutral colors that have a fun detail like a cute bow could be a great option. Sandals look even more elegant than closed toe pumps but you have to take into consideration the weather conditions. Simple straps are the best because they only lengthen the legs and make them appear slimmer, so go for minimalistic designs.

Ready for that ball dance?

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