London to have the worst levels of nitrogen dioxide in the EU say the academics


Academics stated recently that Oxford block contains the most harmful nitrogen dioxide air pollution on earth. Today the EU Court of Justice is listening to facts in a case against UK’s constant breaches of EU air standards.

There are a lot of reports from ecology organisation around the UK that I should quote here on this article. The first is from “Friends of the Earth” campaigner Jenny Bates, who said:

“Failure to meet air pollution limits in three of our major cities for another sixteen years would have serious impacts on the health of thousands of people.

“These air quality rules should already have been met. Government, councils and the London Mayor must make this issue an urgent priority, and end this national scandal.

“Rapid steps to ban the dirtiest vehicles and cut traffic levels must be taken, and road-building plans that will simply add to the problem should be abandoned.”

Friend of Earth Scotland director, Richard Dixon, had also something to say about this issue:

It was bad enough when Defra said in 2011 that Glasgow and Edinburgh would not meet clean air targets until after 2020 and 2015 respectively. The new projections from Defra push this out to 2025 and 2020, for targets which were supposed to have been met by the end of 2005. We know that hundreds of people are killed off by air pollution every year in Edinburgh and Glasgow. The UK and Scottish governments and the two councils have let the citizens of Scotland’s cities down badly through their lack of action. We need urgent action on traffic levels and polluting vehicles to make our air fit to breathe.

“At this rate Glasgow will have clean air by the Commonwealth Games in 2026.

Sustrans director of health, Phillip Insall said the following words:

The World Health Organisation has calculated that globally, air pollution kills seven million people a year. In the UK it is a grave threat to health. Today’s evidence in the European Court of Justice highlights the urgent need for political leadership and investment in clean, healthy travel.

David Carslaw, a researcher on air pollution said the following words:

To my knowledge this is the highest in the world in terms of both hourly and annual mean. NO2 concentrations [in Oxford Street] are as high as they have ever been in the long history of air pollution,” he said.

While Oxford Street is the world’s worst hotspot for NO2, many other places in Britain are breaching EU rules. In central Glasgow NO2 levels have averaged 67mcg this year and peaked at 213mcg. In Bath they averaged 48mcg and reached 269mcg.

Is London getting more polluted every day ? What’s you opinion about this issue ? Leave it in the comments.

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