Women’s backpack for gym

What to look in for a durable backpack

Like anything in our wardrobe, the gym backpack represents an extension of our unique style, but many of us treat this accessory as an afterthought. But you know what? Try to kick away the mindset that your gym backpack is not an important accessory and take your entire lifestyle up to a new level, with the right women’s backpack for gym.

Here is what you should take into account when choosing the ideal gym backpack:

  1. The material

It depends on your personal style. The materials widely used are leather, canvas and nylon. You should know that the price tag of the backpack will be affected mostly by this feature.  For example, a leather gym backpack is definitely more expensive than the other ones, but even though a leather look is nice, can be hard to clean. Also, you might find leather a bit too heavy for you.

More popular are canvas bags and nylon bags which are typically sleek, waterproof and durable.

Nylon or cotton are pretty much your go-to materials when it comes to a decent quality, long-lasting, and above all, inexpensive backpack.

  1. The design of the backpack

Gym backpacks have designs for specific activities – for instance: yoga, jogging, Pilates.

You should have in mind a few questions when choosing the backpack for women: How much does it need to hold? Does the backpack needs to be waterproof? What is the best way you like to hold your backpack?  Based on this you should choose what suits you best.

Size of the backpack also matters since gym backpacks can range in size. For many women, a medium-sized bag is sufficient. You want a backpack that easily fits into a typical gym locker.

  1. The straps

It’s extremely important to decide what kind of straps and handles you are most comfortable with. A backpack style with two shoulder straps will work, especially when carrying many items.

  1. Organization

Is the key element for a gym backpack, because you want to find everything as quickly, and as efficiently as possible. Choose a backpack that allows you to separate your toiletries from your panties, your clean clothes from your dirty ones.

If you consider these things when choosing your gym bag, you will make the right decision! There are a variety of styles available – you will definitely find the one for you!

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