When to Wear Gladiator Sandals

Casual and versatile, gladiator sandals are a modern and comfortable summer item. These fashionable sandals have been around for a couple of years now, and they continue to be loved by all women. Traditionally, they come with thin straps and flat soles, but today you can find them in various materials and styles, which make them perfect for your wardrobe.

However, because of their versatility you can pair them with elegant looks, and also with casual ones. Still, it’s important to know when to wear gladiator sandals. Definitely, they are summer pieces and go well with a variety of fashion outfits, depending on the occasion or the event.

If you are going to the office and you don’t have a certain strict dress code, you can wear the gladiator sandals with a simple pair of skinny jeans. Be careful and wear crop jeans so your ankles and calves are revealed, just choose a pair of denim pants that will go well with a pair of black gladiator sandals. If you want the crop look but you own a pair of long jeans you can simply cuff of the jeans and create this basic look on your own.

When you want a more feminine and dressy look, just pair the gladiator sandals with skirts and dresses. For a cocktail party or an elegant event, this combo will look amazing. For a night-out with the girls, just pair high-heeled gladiator sandals with a mini skirt and a crop top.  If you want a more casual look, opt for suede gladiators with a long and loose maxi dress in a bohemian style.

For a vacation trip, take your favorite shorts and pair them with leather gladiator sandals. You can choose denim shorts or simple shorts in summer colors such as pink, yellow, aqua, lavender or red. For a more extravagant touch just opt for gladiator sandals which have jeweled or crystals embellishments, as well as for high heels or flat heeled sandals.

If you have ever asked yourself when to wear gladiator sandals, the answer is that you can wear them basically with any summer outfit. Although they are versatile and can be easily paired both with casual and elegant looks, they look best with mini skirts or shorts – in this way the sandals will be the main piece of your outfit.

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