What to wear on a trip to Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is a great city, which can be visited throughout the year. But, when it comes to travelling clothes, this city can be very tricky, because you have to take into account the season and the temperatures. The large majority of women would like to have a small luggage, but many travelling clothes. If you are wondering what to wear on a trip to Copenhagen, we might give you some ideas. Still, no matter the destinations there are some general rules when it comes to traveling clothes. One of the most important things that you have to take into account is the fact that you should always feel comfortable. Try to find traveling clothes that are both fashionable and trendy, it should not be very hard.

Copenhagen is a great city, but you should check the weather forecast before a trip

Weather forecast is very important, because the rain doesn’t have to ruin a day. So, if you will be visiting Copenhagen in the summer, you can pack sandals and shorts, but don’t forget about the T-shirts. The T-shirts are very versatile and can be worn on many occasions. Spring and autumn can be tricky since the mornings and the evenings can be quite cold and the days can be quite warm. In these situations, you should wear a coat which can be taken off in the middle of the day, but worn in the mornings.

Winter can bring some low temperatures, so you should pack warm clothes. One coat, a pair of gloves and a hat should be enough. But, you should pack jeans and forget about the skirts. Sweaters are a great idea because they are not only warm, but also very comfortable.

A bag should not be missing from you trip, because you will be carrying things such a bottle of water, mints, probably some make-up and of course your money. The bag should be very strong and quite large. You can choose a bright colored bag, but think about all the outfits, because it has to match with every single outfit. You can bring another bag, but you can save the spot in the luggage for some new clothing items.

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