What hairstyle goes with one-shoulder dress

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There is nothing more sensual than showing your shoulders in a provocative, yet stylish way.

Great for day and perfect for night, these sexy and timeless one-shoulder dresses are a great way to show off your body, even though sometimes they are quite tricky to wear. If you want to pull them off glamorously you should know a few things about how to style them and which is the right hairstyle to wear with them.

In order to help you select the perfect hairstyle to wear with your one-shoulder dress, we have chosen some for you.

So, what hairstyle goes with one-shoulder dress?

Generally, any updo will complete an outfit with an one-shoulder dress perfectly. You can opt for a tight chignon for an elegant and sophisticated look, or you could just go for a soft bun for a sweeter touch. In case you would love to keep your hair down, make sure that it will stay behind your exposed shoulder or in front of your shoulder with the strap.

Another chic way to complement your one-shoulder dress is to mix drama with softness- just opt for a messy, out-of-the-bed updo. This kind of hairstyle will give you a very natural look and it’s enough to hold on to people’s attention for long.

If you have short hair, just make yourself some curls. Show off your super-curly locks with the one-shoulder gown! This hairstyle will not detract from the dress, and you’ll rock for sure! Simple and chic!

You can also choose to wear a casual pony wavy hairstyle. This one is a common hairdo which you can spot to literally all kinds of occasions and stands out beautifully. And the good news is that if you have wavy hair naturally then only conditioning would do the job.

If you want to be different yet play it simple you should go for a long, sexy glamorous ponytail. The style is chic enough for a night on the town, but maintains a cool, unfussy feeling

Choosing an appropriate hairstyle for an one-shoulder dress is very important for the impact of the outfit!

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