Walking in London in the rain

As a Londoner, you are probably used with the rainy days and somewhat strange weather in the kingdom. You might leave the house in the morning with a small drizzle, going to work and having a lovely morning, going out to lunch and the sun suddenly disappears and clouds are coming in. Half an hour later, it’s pouring rain for two hours straight. And just when you are ready to leave work, the last sun-rays of the day are making their way through the clouds.

The same situation can be found in Ireland, so most of the people that are walking in Ireland and UK have at their disposal a strong umbrella, so they can pop it out when the first serious drops of rain are starting to emerge. And I say serious drops, because on a light drizzle, Dubliners and Londoners don’t even bother. They just adapt their clothes to the outside situation.

Most of the rain occurs in the winter period, this area doesn’t really get a lot of snow during the ear. When it’s Europe it’s freezing cold and snow, here you can find temperatures ranging between 3 and 10 Celsius, which don’t really let snow form. It does happen to snow from time to time, but most of the time it just rains. A lot.

So most of the citizens in the British Isles (Great Britain and Ireland) just use some good clothes to keep the cold and rain out. One of the most popular type of clothing used in this area is the cashmere sweater, which is warm and give you protection from the wind and doesn’t allow all the water from the rain to go on your skin. Also, fleece sweaters are quite popular, because have a similar function as the cashmere sweaters.

As for pants or shoes, people decide what to wear depending on what job they have. If you have to wear business pants and suit with oxford shoes, you just wear them. But if you can choose, most of the people use sneakers with jeans, cotton or chino pants. Simple and light bottoms is the solution here.

Of course, nothing replace the umbrella when the showers are coming, but it’s better to have a second layer of protection, just in case.

What outfit to people get in the winter in your area ? Leave your answer in the comment section below.

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