Suggestions for cocktail dresses for weddings

Find the best outfit for this summers weddings

You know that you are not allowed to upstage the bride, but at the same time you want to draw some attention on you at one of the most common events of the summer: the wedding! Keep reading to find out the best dresses to wear to a wedding!

You have to consider a lot of things when deciding how to dress to a wedding: the weather, the venue and even your mood! If you want to wear something that you can not wear with other occasions, go for a precious, sparkly dress. You have to pay attention not to be considered one of the bridesmaids.

The classic black dress might not sound appropriate for a wedding, but if you choose a short one with some sparkle in it, you won’t go wrong with it. A dress like this has the right amount of sensuality and mystery in it!

If the wedding you’re going to attend has a more relaxed atmosphere, pick a flower-patterned dress. A playful, one-shoulder type is perfect to feel relaxed and to fit in the event.

You could be invited to a wedding on the beach, who doesn’t like that?! Choose a lace dress because it gives you that feminine look. Lose the shoes and optionally wear a hat and sunglasses.

An open-back dress is perfect for the hot summer days. The open back and the sleeves it gives the dress that perfect balance and will make you feel great. Wear a pair of nude or white stilettos and accessorize with a matching clutch.

An asymmetrical type of dress gives you that cool, laid back look. This casual, but still elegant, classy with just the right amount of sexiness, can be easily worn from day to night.

This romantic, boohoo-chic dress is perfect for a bohemian wedding hosted somewhere outside in a fairy tale location. You can wear it with matching heels or with a pair of flat sandals and accessorize with a flower crown. You’ll certainly draw attention towards you wearing this outfit!

No matter which dress you’re wearing or what your style is, make sure you feel comfortable so you can dance all night and feel good! We hope that our suggestions for cocktail dress for weddings will inspire you! Be the spirit of the party!

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