Skinny jeans with dress shoes

Combine opposite items for a unique result

Shoes are one of those items you want to get right. They represent your personal signature regarding your style, that’s why it’s important to invest in a quality pair which represents you best and also suits your needs.

When it comes to shoes, you need to make the right decisions for your lifestyle, your professional need and your personal need.


Dress shoes are  the shoes you wear most of the times to a special occasion, or if your day-by-day life and job requires it. In better known words, we could call them formal shoes.


At first sight, wearing dress shoes with jeans might sound weird, but if you follow some simple rules, you’ll be sure you’re made the right decisions. The most known types of dress shoes are the oxfords and the derby’s.

One of the most important rule is to wear the right type of jeans. Of course there are a lot of jeans, but you need to choose a pair of skinny casual jeans.


So if it’s distressed, if it has holes, if it’s a lighter shade, most likely you’re not going to want to wear it with dress shoes. You need to wear a pair that fits you well in the waist area, around the hips, not baggy at all.


Also the length is also very important. What you could do, is to cuff your jeans if it doesn’t fits you well, but no more than a few times.


The colors are also very important when matching skinny jeans with dress shoes. What works best in this combination are the navy blue, indigo, or even black jeans.


They are timeless pieces which can look good with more than just a pair of dress shoes. You can also add blazer or a casual suit jacket and a shirt and you got your outfit for the day.


When you pick a pair of dress shoes, most likely you’ll choose brown or black. They are the most common colors when it comes to dress shoes and the easiest ones to style.


To make this kind of outfit more personal you can add accessories which gives it a special touch, like a hat, a matching belt or a bag. No matter what you choose to complete your outfit with, we are sure that the advice above will help you get to the right result.

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