Short coat with dresses – Mini or Maxi ?

Planning the perfect outfit for the cold season can be tricky enough. We know you want to keep that feminine touch to your looks. That’s why you should totally keep some dresses in your closet, that can be worn with more warm clothes and accessories.

If you are wondering which coat will pair best with your casual winter dress, the answer is: the short coat.

But even though you might be able to get away with your puffer or peacoat, you need some inspiration of how to style it.

We’ve selected for you some stylish combinations we found on bloggers’ feeds to get you ready for the cruel weather. Because even if it’s freezing outside, you should keep that touch of femininity in your looks!

Mini dress & short coat?

A mini dress will look great even with a short coat. And in this case the LBD is the ultimate night-out short dress and it can also be a base for a super eye-catching outfit. A little black dress paired with a short faux-fur coat and pumps says “luxury”.

Keep in mind that short coats may be able to keep a nighttime dress daytime appropriate and can be checked at your destination when you want to transform your look into a fancy one.

Maxi dress and short coat?

Also, a short coat can look great with a long dress, too. It can give you an unexpected and fun appearance and can put you into the limelight. However, if you don’t know exactly how to style and accessorize it, it can look classic and understated.

On the other hand, a major eye-catching piece like a short fur coat will overshadow the dress. Instead, you can try wearing a maxi floral printed dress with a boho touch with a short parka coat. Complete with a fedora hat and some leather gloves. You will catch everyone’s eye with an outfit like this!

When you wear this combo: short coat with dresses – look for details and textures that will make you stand out! And if the weather permits, consider keeping the coat open and choose an expensive-looking texture or pattern to enhance the appearance of this rich-looking style!

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