Shirt dress for apple shaped

Wear what flatters your silhouette

If you don’t have the perfect hourglass silhouette but an apple shaped one, choosing the right outfits for different occasions might be a challenge for your. Keep reading to find out how to pick out a shirt dress for apple shaped silhouettes.

  1. Always look for a v-neck

A v-neck offers a lot of advantages to an outfit, especially if you have an atypical body shape. When you face this problem, you must know your good parts and your not so good parts in order to show the best ones. A body shape like this is characterized by broad shoulders, narrow hips and less defined waist. To elongate your figure, go for a v-neck shirt dress which is a perfect choice if you find yourself in this situation. Besides the fact that it makes you look thinner and taller, it adds a bit of sensuality to your outfit and it will make you feel attractive.

  1. Go for higher waists, preferably empire

Since this kind of body shape isn’t really characterized by a small and well marked waistline, you have to create the illusion of one through clothes. An empire waisted shirt dress for apple shaped is your go-to option! First of all, it creates a waist right under the bust spicing up the outfit and second of all, it is really in your advantage to wear a dress like this.

  1. Show off your legs

There might be some parts which you don’t really like about this apple shape silhouette, but we saved the best for last: your biggest advantage are your legs. Having this in mind, go for mini dresses which show off your legs because you really have something to show. In this way you’re moving  all the attention from the top part to the bottom, which will only be in your favour!

When you are having an apple shaped body, it can get quite challenging to pick out an outfit which puts your body in the best light. Based on our advice, we are sure that you won’t go wrong and you will look great if you add the right accessories!

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