Outfit choices that elude me

For a normal guy, age 30, getting to dress everyday and go to work in the London area it’s quite an interesting challenge. I’m not such a fashion conscience guy, most of daily outfits are comprised of a t-shirt or a simple pair of jeans. Maybe a polo shirt from time to time, when I feel like it.

Luckily, I don’t work on a big corporation that require a classic suit and tie outfit, at least that’s good. Cause I don’t really want to look like 60 % of all the guys that take the metro in the morning. That are required by the firms to have a certain dress code. I am quite used to have a casual outfit, so from time to time I imagine what a hell it is to go every single to work on such a suit. And you have to have like 3 changes per week, maybe 5, if it’s a hot day outside in London. That would not be a good outfit.

That’s on the guy side of things, but I did saw some outfits for women that surprised me. I mean, first, the jeggings (or the leggings made to look like jeans). You’re not fooling anyone with those, those are just leggings, clothes you wear for a workout. And that’s about it. They don’t really look good on a workplace. (personal opinion, don’t throw brick on me)

There are a lot of clothing options that are weird, specially on the teens today, but there is a 90′ piece of clothing that it’s popular today that I can’t explain why it’s still a thing: destroyed jeans. I mean, they create a lot of destroyed jeans and there are quite a lot of people that wear them around. And my question for them is…. why ? I mean, you can just get some proper jeans and where them until they rip. And then you can call that destroyed jeans. You don’t really need to have them readily ripped. And of course, they are a little bit more expensive then the normal one, because someone has to actually pay for all the holes in them, and that cost money. It’s just…. weird.

Probably this is going to be just the first piece of hate for some types of clothing. I have other types of clothing and accessories that I have something against.

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