Mini dress for pear shaped

Dress appropriate for your body type

If you don’t have the most desired hourglass silhouette, but a pear shaped one, don’t worry, you can still look good in the clothes you’re wearing if you learn how to dress according to your body type!

In order to dress right regarding your body shape you first have to know which one is it! There are a lot of charts and graphics on the internet which help you find out your body type based on your measurements and features. If you have a pear shaped silhouette, you most probably know by now that your waistline is your biggest asset!  That’s why you have to try as much as you can to wear well structured dresses which mark your waist and structures your body. You would be tempted to do that through a belt and that is just perfect, but if the dress already has a structure with a tight body then you’re all set up!

Characteristic to a pear shaped silhouette are the wide hips which are bigger that the shoulders and the bust area. To balance things out, choose a mini dress with a tight top and a flowy skirt. The material on the bottom part has the role to hide away the hips and give a nice structure to your body. It also elongates your legs and will make you look taller and with a perfect silhouette. Pretty accessories like a belt or a string to mark the waistline work great with a dress like this, or choose an open back dress with cute detailing.

Another advantage of this type of silhouette is that you most probably have beautiful skinny legs. So why not show them by wearing a mini dress for pear shaped? Go for a mini dress with a summery print on it in light and happy colors and don’t forget about the waistline. Some cutouts around will look great on your tanned skin!

The most important thing is to feel confident no matter what type of silhouette you have! A mini dress for pear shaped will make you look polished and as you have the perfect body shape.

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