Micellar solution for the skin

Micellar cleansing solution have become more accesibile to the public in the 2000’s, after Garnier specially took an interest and added this cleansing water on the market.

What is a micelar solution ?

A micellar solution is a dispersion of micelles in a solvent (in this case water). Well, what are miceles, you ask ? They are an aggregated amphiphiles, to put it simple, it’s a hydrophilic solution that easily dissolves substances from different types of make-up and fats, being very good at combining with certain types of it.

Micellar cleansing water is just a micellar solution combined with water to be the solution that helps you easily removes make-up and unwanted dirt and fat from your face.

It maked removing make-up an easier job than ever, although we should point out that micellar water should be used only from time to time, as do the make-up. Daily use of it can cause some side effects, documented on different studies.

Micellar cleansing water is not harmful in any way to the body, but removing a lot of the fat from the face skin can leave the skin unprotected to a lot of harmful bacteria that can break havoc if you just happen to have a certain type of skin. If you have any problem with it, it’s easier to get to a dermatologist to help you out.

So, the conclusion: micellar cleansing water is a good way to remove the make-up from the face, but use it with care and if you have any unwanted simptoms, check out with your doctor.

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