Long coats with hoods

How to integrate them in your outfits!

If it’s winter it doesn’t mean you have to wear boring and plain clothes. The thick and the cozy pieces allows you to layer and feel as stylish as ever!

Winter coats materials range from fur to wool and all sorts of blends and you can find any combination you can imagine. It is pretty obvious that the thicker the material, the cozier you’ll feel, but you must know that almost all coats have a lining inside which makes the piece feel warmer and more stylish.

What makes a piece stand out and unique are the details and the elements that makes it different from others. From this category we can name the pockets, the belts and not the last, the hoods. Long coats with hoods are a great addition to your closet because they have that something to them that makes them stand out.

Regarding the color, long coats with hoods come in every shade you could wish for. From the classics black and white, navy blue and camel to bright tones of yellow, green or blue, they can help you transform the whole outfit. Being such a thick item, it is great for layering and you can even wear some cozy clothes underneath it too, especially if the coat doesn’t have a fit cut.

The length of long coats with hoods varies from below the knees to all the way down, but you should take into consideration your height when you choose to wear one. If you have a petite figure, go for shorter coats otherwise you’ll risk to look even shorter than you actually are. For tall figures, there is no restriction regarding the lengths: you can wear any cut and fit you’d like without the risk of looking ridiculous.  You can also find inspiration in the street style fashion where you can spot a lot of blogger, influencer and fashionistas wearing long coats with hoods.

Since everybody needs to have a winter coat, choose to have long coats with hoods, and besides the fact that it looks really stylish it also keeps you head warm and dry if you wear it on a rainy day.

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