London City Break – Fashion for Him & Her

Packing for city breaks could be a big burden because basically you will have limited luggage and yet you will want to pack more. The answer here is smart packing so that you have few items that you can mix and match for any occasion.

Because London is one of the most colorful and creative cities when it comes to street style fashion, you should surely go for unique styling ideas.

We picked out some outfit ideas for him and for her that might get you started on packing for you next London City Break.

The Plaid Dress

A simple plaid dress is a good option because you can easily wear it with some ripped jeans, as a top. Try a thin belt to emphasize the waist line and gather the dress as a loose top. Medium heeled boots so that you can walk for hours and still look amazing, and a small felt hat just to avoid a bad hair day because of the changing weather.

Red Coat Alert

The best coat for a London trip because it has a classic line even if the color is bold. You can wear a simple tshirt or even an opened plaid shirt over it to get a cool texture mix. Focusing on cool accessories or a bold pair of oxfords is the key to a cool and comfortable look for traveling.

There are tons of travelling look ideas, tips and tricks that you can get isnpired from. We found these on a new fashion discovery platform – so you can check it out for more models and examples of how to match your clothing.

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