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Guest post by P.H.

London based Indian Wedding Photographer, Bipin Dattani, is noted for his professionalism and above all high quality of wedding photography.

We had the opportunity to see Bipin operate first hand at a friend’s wedding at the VIP Lounge in Edgware recently, and we could see why his is well regarded in his field. His style of shooting is natural and photojournalistic, not stopping the ceremony but capturing photos from all angles. We could see he was well versed in the Hindu ceremony as he knew the best positions to capture the photos from, sometimes taking his position before the priest performed a certain part of the Vedic Indian wedding ceremony.

The family and friends group photographs did not take him too long to organise and we were surprised how quickly he managed to take them. There must have 20-25 of these group photographs to take under the Mandap. To be honest we were quite glad as we then got a chance to eat the scrumptious Indian food.

After he has done the couples post wedding portraits, they sat down for the wedding breakfast and we had the opportunity to talk to Bipin. When asked about what he likes about being a wedding photographer, he said “I feel honored to taking photographs of the bride and groom on such a special day and like make their wedding day more special by capturing photos of the utmost high quality which they will cherish for along time. Only then will the couple recommend me, when they do recommend my services to their friends and family I know they are happy with my wedding photos. Making them happy is my intimate goal.”

He has photographed at many Asian marriages at London’s top venues from the Hilton Wembley Hotel and Hammersmith Novotel to Hare Krishna Temple in Watford and Oshwal Centre in Hertfordshire.

There are many wedding photographers in the Capital and choosing the best one to capture your once in a lifetime special memories can be a difficult task. Here in London we have a choice of cheap wedding photographers to exclusive high-end photo studios around, however when you have set your photography budget, talk to him and you’ll be surprised how affordable his services are. Also after watching Bipin at work first hand and seeing all his images from our friend’s wedding we can see why he is one of the respected and popular Indian Wedding Photographers in London.

If you are interested in getting a photographer for your wedding, check out his website for more info and bookings.

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