How To Wear a Body Chain During the Cold Season

If you love body jewelry so much we have a special announcement for you: you can totally wear them also during the cold season. Don’t think that body jewelry is only for the summer, if you love them and like to wear them we will give you some advice on how you can add them to a winterish outfit. Wearing body chains during the summer makes total sense, because you can show a lot of skin, for example when you are wearing a swimsuit, crop tops or low cut blouses.

Because during the cold seasons we totally cover ourselves up nobody actually thinks that we can wear body chains on. We suggest you not to forget them in your closet, by reason of a body chain will make your body look more sexy and feminine. So keep at least one body chain in the winter, underneath your clothes that will make you feel quite hot.


If you go to a party and you know it will be inside and it will be warm you can choose to wear a body chain underneath a sheer top or underneath a fit crop top. It will make you look like a goddess, especially because body chains are delicate and thin.


Evening Party

If you go to a fancy cocktail party you can choose to wear a v-neck dress with a sexy subtle body chain underneath. Because the v-neck is a little bit vulgar (if the neckline is too deep) adding an elegant and soft body chain will absolutely change your look.

Over Clothing

To answer everybody question, of course we can wear body chains over clothes. A style trick is to wear a simple top and add over it a sophisticated and edgy harness. From a basic outfit you will go to a very extravagant one. Also another trick is to choose an off shoulder blouse and wear the body chain on the free skin.

Armour Body Chains

For the fashion lovers you can find also massive body chains that look like an soldier armour. There can be found in many different styles: over your shoulders, on your back or around your breast. This statement pieces are for special occasions

We know that body chains are considered extravagant pieces of jewelry but we think if you will be brave enough to wear them you will se the difference. It is a cheap investment that will entirely change your style from casual to glamorous. You don’t need to change your wardrobe to have a change of appearance, just learn how to wear statement pieces of jewelry.

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