How to be more vibrant on this awful weather


If you were born and raised in the Great Britan you know that in September the weather is just awful, with rain and drizzle altmost all the time. It’s a time period in which you see people in black and grey shirts and suits everywhere and everything is dark, wet and not very friendly.

It’s not one of the things that an american is used to. I used to live in Tampa, where the weather was always sunny and everyday was a good day to go to the beach. Except for the hurricane months. But those were rare and haven’t affected Tampa Bay area so much in the last years.

Tampa was quite a hot city, and that meant that people weren’t wearing black or gray during the day, they were wearing more lively clothes. Man had colourfull t-shirts and jackets, womens had lovely orange skirts and top (you can substitude orange with yellow, red, light blue and green and many more lovely colours). It was sunny and that was our way to stay outside on the hot afternoons.

But in London things are quite gray and kind of make me sad and unproductive. I’m not the type of melancolic person to stay and admire the rain, I’m like going outside and experience the city and nature. But in this weather is harder to do than I want.

But it was time for a little change, at least on the office. I got myself the most colouful clothes that I have in my closet and went to work. And I was the exception, since everybody there was gray and moody over the weather.

And you know what ? It felt good to make that change and because of that i have in plan more walks in more colour clothes, even if the rain lurks around the corner. I only hope that the people in London would follow the example and come to work in more colourful fashion.

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