How to apply eye shadow for brown eyes

For an amazing look, make-up is essential. Well, it is true that sometimes there are women who do not take into consideration some basic rules regarding the make-up, bus as long as you will take into account the good taste, you will be able to look amazing. Well, you should know that no matter the color of your eyes, during the day the foundation make-up should be rather faint. But, the color of youe eyes is very important. Most of women have brown eyes. So, the majority of our readers probably want to know how to apply eye shadow for brown eyes.

A few tips for the women who have brown eyes on how to apply eye shadow

So, we must make a difference between day make up and evening make up. For a day make up, neutral, natural colors are the best. Also, during the day glitter should be avoided. You can choose a color for your eyelids that is of a darker shade and then for the upper part of your eye a lighter one. if you want a dramatic effect you can of course use eyeliner. This eyeliner should be black or brown, but make sure not to draw a thick line.

For an evening make-up you can choose other colors, such a blue or even green. Then, you can also choose purple and maybe some glitter. Do not put too much glitter, no matter where you go. Brown eyes can be paired with many eye shadow colors, much more colors than green or blue eyes.

But, no matter what eye shadow palette you choose, make sure that is of an impeccable quality. There is nothing worse than a runny make-up. Make sure to apply the make-up in a professional way. You don’t need to go to a professional make-up artist, because on the internet you can find many articles and even videos that offer great advice in this regard.

So, if you have brown eyes you are lucky. You can play with colors, no matter that you want a day make-up or a night one. And there are many eye shadow palettes you can choose from.

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