How to accessorize an evening dress

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The evening dress can be the perfect formal attire for a special event or for a cocktail party. And with the proper accessories the dress will look even better. But before that, keep in mind that your evening attire must never be overdone.

Here are some tips about how to accessorize an evening dress for your next special event:

A simple red, black or nude dress will look great accessorized with some bangles. Bangle bracelets are gorgeous. Plus, they add something special whenever you are wearing a sleeveless or a strapless evening dress. For a super stylish and glamorous look, try to stay away from noisy bracelets. Also, remember to wear the bracelets on one wrist in order to maintain a high class yet simple look.

On the other hand, a classic dress will look great with some huge earrings with bold designs, like chandelier earrings. And if you opt for this kind of jewelry, you will not need any other kinds of jewelry. Just a helpful tip: if you have long hair, try to pin it into a chignon style to let your earrings truly stand out during the rest of the night.

Also, shoes are an important element of your evening look. Metallic shoes would be ideal for evening allure. Why? Because any kind of evening gown can be enhanced with timeless looks of silver, bronze or gold pumps. Also, you can opt for a nude colored pair of pumps – they will work great with any kind of dress.

Bags are also essential for a successful evening look. Clutch handbags are the most appropriate handbag style for evening. Choose a clutch with removable straps for added function. Fabrics like velvet, silk and satin dress up the look of the bag for formal affairs. Choose a clutch with sequin, crystals, or beaded embellishments, but just in case your dress is not already embellished. The color of your clutch should never match your dress completely unless it is black.

Keep things simple and elegant for a stunning appearance. Usually, too many accessories can destroy an elegant look, so remember that when it comes to evening gowns, less is more.

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