Flare pants with flats

The most stylish yet comfortable combination!

For those of you which might not be familiar with flare pants, they are those pants which are very wide at the bottom and have a lot of volume. Depending on their length, sometimes they come all the way to the floor or they stop somewhere around the ankle.

Being so flared and having so much volume, more than sure that your feet won’t even show if you have a long pair of pants. And this will spare you of a lot of troubles if you are not a big fan of high heels but still want to have a glamorous and stylish look. From cocktail parties to club nights, flare pants are glamorous enough to be suited for any kind of event and remember that the bigger the volume is, the bigger the effect will be.

If you are an adept of the minimalist trend, this is you lucky combination, because this is all what minimalism is about: simple lines, fine cuts and simplicity and wearing flare pants with flats has it all. If you combine neutral colors with black the result will be a classic and clean look.

The flats doesn’t necessarily need to be ballerinas; they can range from loafers to slip ones and from flat sandals to ballerinas. The more comfortable the footwear is the more comfortable you’ll feel on your own, not to say that walking and standing will be a piece of cake for you even in a glamorous and dolled-up outfit.

Flare pants with flats is one of the greatest picks for the summer, and not only. You can wear a same-material outfit consisting of a pair of flare pants and an off-the-shoulder top. For a late summer party, for a beach walk or for a romantic dinner, an outfit like this is perfect for all of them and adding a pair of flats will only make it comfortable for you to dance and have fun all night long.

We’ve just proved to you that an outfit doesn’t have to have all pieces glamorous and hard to wear in order to look good and be in the center of attention. There are small tricks like wearing flare pants with flats in order to look stylish but comfortable at the same time.

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