Destroyed jeans for curvy women

Feel good in your skin. Wear what suits you best!

Everybody knows that rules are made to be broken. And this applies in the fashion industry as well. We are part of a plus size models rising era which are trying to take down the skinny models myth.

And we couldn’t agree more, because after all, there’s room for everybody. Many people find curvy women more attractive than the skinny ones. This is a matter of taste, no comment. The secret is to know how to show off your body and not be ashamed with it. In order to do that you need to know what fits you best, what you best body parts are and try to emphasize them.

Destroyed jeans for curvy women come in all shapes, types, washes and colors. You can find boyfriend destroyed jeans, destroyed skinny jeans, high-waisted destroyed skinny jeans and the list goes on because there are a lot of combinations in which you’ll find this kind of jeans.

The general rule is that everybody can wear almost anything. And we say almost anything, because there are a few exceptions from the rule which are a no-no. If you are a curvy women, you shouldn’t be afraid to show some skin. A perfect way through you could do that is the destroyed jeans. There are pairs which have some light cuts on the knees and gives you the right amount of skin-showing. If you are more daring you can opt for jeans with major cutouts but if you do this, try to balance things out in the upper part of your outfit. Go with simple pieces like a tank top or t-shirt and add a pair of sneakers or even high heels. Here’s a tip if you consider that the rips aren’t showing enough skin: try to roll up the bottom of the jeans in a couple cuffs and your ankle will add a chic look to your outfit.

The most important thing is to wear whatever flatters your body type and silhouette and what makes you feel comfortable and confident in your skin. Destroyed jeans are really in this season and you should take advantage and get yourself a quality pair in your wardrobe.

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