Choosing your style with winter boots

Even though the weather is still nice, if you haven’t already invested in a pair of winter boots, hurry! In December they are going to cost a lot more and be harder to find a good pair.

Let’s see how you can wear your winter boots and look cool.

Winter boots outfit. The coolest?

Snow boots

Snow boots are pretty easy to style and look particularly cool with calf-length skirts, culottes or jeans – perfect for those days when there’s snow on the ground but it’s not very cold. Also, you can add some tights if you think there’s too cold outside.

Keep in mind that you can take the laces out if your socks are thick enough to hold grip; wear tall socks higher than the shoes’ ankle; fold the boots over where they’ll bend; tie the laces around your ankles and create a paper-bag effect.

Full monochrome looks are awesome! It will make the boots look more stylish!

Ankle boots

Ankle boots are also perfect for winter. And if you thought that you can’t wear your ankle boots with a full-length skirt, think again. These boots will complement your skirt perfectly.

Another way to wear the ankle boots is with cuffed jeans. You can also cuff your regular jeans, so the hem hits right at the top of their boots.

You can wear ankle boots with a dress. Look for one with a longer hem for an ultra-flattering look. Also, ankle boots and culottes are a match made in winter heaven. We love this combo so much!

And if you want to elongate your legs, an easy trick is to pair your skinny jeans with ankle boots in the same color.

Over-the-knee boots

A mini skirt looks amazing with a pair of over-the-knee boots. Make sure you add some sleek black tights and a warm coat.

If you want to be put in the spotlight, choose some printed over-the-knee boots and let them take center stage. Style them with muted basics and a few eye-catching accessories.

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