Central London Gyms

Want to know what are the best gyms that you can go around central London ? That’s very good, because we have gathered from around the web the best gyms that you can use your fitness clothing like the leggings or the gym t-shirt and get cracking on working out.

We’ve initially wanted to make just one list in which to group all the best fitness centers in the London area, but London is a huge city, so we had to add them by area. So it’s going to be gyms from Central, North, East, South and West London. First for today, the central London gyms.

We have five recommendation from this area:

Central YMCA – if you live near the West End, you would like to work at this gym, mostly because of their low membership rated and their fully equipped Pilates studio. You can find here a large cardio theatre and a lot of training equipment for you to get going.

GymBox – another centrally located gym, underneath High Holborn, in a compact space that combines the atmosphere of a night club with a lot of state of the art training facilities. You also have there a free weights area, spinning studio and two exercise studios.

Speedflex – a very well equipped gym with marble fittings, with extremely efficient workouts. Their workout rooms is dominated by seven machines that calculated resistance based on your own force. So it’s a manly man type of gym.

Aegis Training – the gym was founded by Greg Smith and Zack Cahill and brought together a team of specialized trainers and therapists that can help you with you gym training. And you don’t have to worry about the space, because they have a 3000 square feet gym near the Liverpool Street station plus rooms for a range of treatments after a physically intense workout.

The Third Space – this gym spreads across four levels and it’s connected by open steel staircases. Inside you can find a boxing ring, a skylit climbing wall, a boxing ring and a table tennis set, if you like a little bit of competition. The gym is fitted with the latest cardio and free weights equipment and it has a special room for those who want to prepare for trips on a high altitude, in which the atmosphere has lower lever of oxygen (hypoxic), similar to conditions at 8500 feat.

Those are our five choices of gyms around Central London, but we know that are many more locations in this area. So if you know more locations, send us a link or maybe an experience that you had on a gym in central London.


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