Casual clutches

How to style them

Summer is the season for family reunions, casual parties and rooftop get-togethers. For these events you will need a cute, but comfortable look. And there’s no other way to make your outfit stunning than carrying a lovely clutch to all those soirées you’ve been invited to.

And we all should agree: a casual clutch seems to be the perfect wardrobe item to focus on this summer.

A casual clutch is essential in every woman’s wardrobe, and you should keep in mind that for those dressy occasions it is the only appropriate bag.

Casual clutches come in a variety of shapes and sizes — some are only big enough to carry your driver’s license, credit card and a lipstick while others are big enough to be a regular purse. Honestly the size doesn’t matter. What is more important is to include your clutch in appropriate outfits.

We recommend you choose one with a simple design, black or nude or one with a fun touch, like the beaded ones. Go for something medium to small in a pretty versatile color or pattern so you can easily wear it with all your dressy clothes — snakeskin, metallic, black, brown, white – you get the idea.

For your casual looks, the clutch is the perfect alternative to a handbag. Plus, will compliment your outfit an underline your femininity. You can go for a black/white/nude monochrome looks and add some leopard printed clutches, for simple basics updated with shearling clutches, for chunky sweaters worn with soft and furry clutches, casual shirts half-tucked in mini shorts and complimented with shiny gold sequined clutches. Almost everything works with a clutch. You just need to find the style that suits you best, no matter if it’s embellished, metallic, knitted or hard case design.

The eye-catching bag will definitely complete any look.

For example, this summer floral prints are so cool. In this case a floral clutch bag can be the perfect option. This kind of clutch works with every staple that is not over-patterned. You can style your clutch with pants, dresses and with jeans.

It’s not a big deal to incorporate a clutch in your wardrobe. Just find your style and rock this gorgeous accessory!

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