Cargo pants for women

Ways to style them for fall season

You might say that cargo pants are more appropriate for masculine looks, but this is not true. Cargo pants for women are so popular. Even though we love to flaunt our body in the perfect pair of jeans, sometimes denim can get boring, too.

Plus, let’s be serious: you don’t want to wear jeans every single day! Cargo pants are great staples for the fall wardrobe: you can mix them with an infinite number of items, they have a polished appearance, can be accessorized for almost any fashion style and are more comfortable than jeans.
Isn’t enough? Here are some outfit suggestions with cargo pants we are pretty sure you’ll love:

  1. Don’t let your cargo pants rest in the corner and mix them with a plaid shirt and pump shoes. In this way you’ll have a chic, professional look just perfect for a day at the office. From now on you can carry your office handbag along this outfit with ease.
  2. Cargo pants are NOT only for summer. If you intend to hang out with your girls and look effortlessly beautiful, wear a monochrome oversized sweater with a pair of warm-colored cargo pants (caramel, olive, orange). Combine them with ankle boots; you can also care a handbag or a clutch as well.
  3. YES! You can wear your women cargo pants for fancy events! Every single woman should own a pair of high heels. Mix them with cargo pants and you can look stunning. Keep the look interesting by adding a white graphic tee and an oversized necklace.
  4. For a relaxed fall look combine your cargo pants with a basic t-shirt, a denim jacket and some sneakers. Pull your hair into a high bun for an ecstatic appearance and add a vibrant-colored lipstick for a note of chicness.

A great way to update your cargo pants is with the help of accessories. You can wear shimmery shiny belts, statement necklaces, shiny earrings, golden bracelets. The accessories will add a little glam and uniqueness to any outfit.

See? It’s not that hard to replace from time to time your jeans with cargo pants. They can be worn in almost the same combos as jeans, and they will make you look pretty chic.

Now, tell us: how do you choose to style them?

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