Capris for men

This season, capris for men are going international because they are very, very stylish. As cropped trousers continue to become more and more popular, fashion brands are releasing different varieties of cropped pants. If you don’t have in your wardrobe a pair of capris, this year you should definitely wear them.

When you opt for capris is best to understand that they always require ankle exposure. This means that you need to be super careful with your socks. We think hat sockettes or invisible socks are the best choices. This is the main rule that you need to take into consideration no matter what.

Another component, that is very important, is knowing what capri pants and shoes to wear together. For a casual outfit, we suggest white sneakers that look amazing paired with wool-cotton pants in dark color. Wear this look with a vintage T-shirt and a pair of cool sunglasses.

Purely for hot days, espadrilles can be an awesome choice to match with relaxed capri pants. For a smart casual outfit, look for khaki or white capris that you can wear with a plaid shirt. It’s a great summer look, alongside with your favorite shades and a men’s leather bag.

At the opposite side of espadrilles, are the dress boots which are perfect for winter days. In this conditions, you can break the rule and wear socks, but only if you want an extravagant and cool outfit. You can opt for black Capri trousers that look well matched with dark colored socks for a minimal and simple approach. Add a denim jacket for a play of textures and an oversized scarf.

You can also opt for wide-leg denim capris for men, which work well with vintage shoes such as brogues or Oxfords. Again, go for no socks, but if it’s winter you can add a fun pair that will add a splash of color to the entire look. This combination is more appropriate for casual looks that you can wear during weekend days.

While for some men will take time getting used to wearing cropped trousers, for others this trend is really a great way to enhance their creativity.  

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