Boyfriend jeans and boots

Work your way up to stylish looks!

Boyfriends jeans and boots are a classic combination that will pull you through any fashion crisis and you won’t make a mistake if you mix and match the right pieces together!

Every woman has a pair of black boots in her wardrobe and you should know that they work with boyfriend jeans every time. You might have a pair of boots with high heels, biker boots or even ankle boots but they all look perfect with a pair of boyfriend jeans. You can either tuck them in, roll them up or pull them over the boots, depending on the boot style and the effect you want to get. You must be really careful though because playing with lengths and textures can be in your advantage and make your legs look longer, or do the exact opposite thing and optically cut your legs shorter.

Wearing a statement piece might influence you in keeping the rest of the outfit pretty low key and that’s a great idea if you want to have a stylish overall result. A pair of boots in a bold print or with a futuristic shape can play that role successfully. If you choose a classic pair of boyfriend jeans the two of them put together will get you a stylish combination and as for the top part you can wear from a basic t-shirt to an oversize sweater.

Velvet is really trending this season and you should definitely try a pair of velvet boots. You could start with some ankle boots and work your way up if you feel comfortable wearing them. Being such a precious material, you might encounter some difficulties when wearing the boots because they can get dirty and stained really easy and nobody wants to destroy them after the first wear. To avoid situations like this, try wearing them when it’s not raining or snowing and in this way you’ll prevent the contact with dirt and water.

The more you experiment, the more you’ll know what boots work with what pair of boyfriends jeans but you should not give up if you won’t get to the desired result from the first try.

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