Bodycon dress with flannel

If you want to wear a bodycon dress, the first rule is that is very important to feel good in your own skin. This type of dress requires body confidence and consciousness. The bodycon dress has a figure-hugging style that is very fit on the body. A woman that wears a bodycon dress feels comfortable and confident with showing off her body curves. This is the main reason why some women avoid this style, but you should not stay away from this dress because there are many ways to wear it.

A bodycon dress with flannel can be a more casual approach. You can opt for a flannel shirt or maybe for a flannel blazer. This print is more appropriate for autumn and winter outfits. Plaid shirts or flannel shirts are versatile and can look pretty amazing with the bodycon dress. And never forget that this type of shirt is very cozy, comfortable and also inexpensive.

Maybe you wanted to wear a bodycon dress in the winter and you had no idea how. A dress can look amazing with an unbuttoned shirt on top.  We consider that flannel is one of the best things to wear in the cold weather. So don’t get stuck by wearing your plaid shirt only with jeans, instead choose a bodycon dress.

For this casual look don’t show so much skin. Instead of choosing a revealing dress, try to keep a classic vibe. Since you already show yourself in a tight-fitting item, too much skin will look tacky. Opt for a bodycon dress with long sleeves or maybe in a midi length. Your look should remain basic, simple, yet sophisticated and stylish.

You can layer up the bodycon dress with flannel. If you don’t want to wear a plaid shirt, you can opt for a flannel jacket. You will make a great combination of an elegant item, like the bodycon dress with a more urban element, like the flannel jacket. Just make sure that whatever you wear it looks good on your body type.

The bodycon dress can be styled in many different ways. Although most women wear it only at elegant occasions, you can opt for a more casual look like the bodycon dress with flannel.

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