Best 3 destinations to spend New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching and you will want to find the perfect place to share this special time with your family and friends. There are so many great places in the world to visit in this time of the year. Here are some wonderful places you have to see!

New York City

Where: Time Square

As the clock ticks to midnight over a million people are counting down the seconds until a new year starts while a huge 12-foot glittering ball is slowly dropping down from a flagpole atop the Times Square building. You will be covered in colorful confetti before you know it, but surely that is a memory you will never forget.

Beside the glittering ball you can also expect a fantastic pyrotechnic light show that will light up the sky! You can enjoy celebrity music acts and a New Year’s Eve Wishing Wall where you can write down your resolutions for the year to come. And we all have tons of new year resolutions, right? Let’s see how many of the we can keep.


Where: At the Brandenburger Gate

If you want to spend New Year’s Eve with traditional treats and enjoy the best parties in Europe you need to go to Berlin, Germany!

Over a million people are gathering at the Brandenburg Gate each year! You can enjoy more than two kilometers of fun stages for shows, party tents, light and laser shows as well as a mass of food and drink stands.

You will find shops that sell all type of bangles! Create personalized bangles with the names of your friends and family! You can either gift them, of hold as a lucky charm.


Where: At the London Sky Bar

Are you searching for a stylish New Year’s Eve destination? The London Sky Bar is the place to be!  Placed on the 28th floor of London’s Millbank Tower, the bar provides a wonderful 360 degree view of the whole London.

This fabulous evening includes a welcome cocktail, food stalls, midnight champagne, live DJ and performers plus breathtaking views of the fireworks at midnight.

So grab your loved ones and plan up the best New Year’s Eve you ever had! So many fun destinations that you could surely pick from. Try to be spontaneous especially if you love travelling. You know that saying: If you celebrate the New Year’s away from home, you will be travelling the whole year around. So make your wish come true.

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