A better London

London is the largest city in Europe. Being that big, it’s also one of the most crowded. And quite hard to keep all the things in order. The pollution is high, the weather is not that great and the traffic is chaotic, to say the least. Not to mention the crowded metro stations. And don’t get me wrong, London is a great place to be and live, if you stay near the town center. But when you go out of the center area, things start to get worse. Luckily, we still have a lot of parks to exercise and enjoy a bit of nature. Good thinking from the 30’s architects, with the green patches implementation.

But all of those spaces need proper maintenance, and there are a lot of cases in which you can see filthy streets and parks, full of junk. A friend of mine got a ruined can of Pepsi stuck in her skechers shoes, barely managed to get it out without ruining the footwear. And I know a lot of friends that went to London and had some similar experience with garbage let all over the place.

Another problem that London is facing is the transportation. The bendy bus era seems to heading to an end, since the buses are quite bad and bendy bit get stuck quite a lot. They want to get back to the double decker buss in the following years, but until then, maybe some extra measures that would remove a lot of the cars from the city center would be quite good. More underground parking near the zone 3 or 4 metro stations, so you can get in London easier if you come from outside the M25 lane. More lanes for cyclists and trams. And of course, more trams in the city, so you don’t have to have to wait half an hour to get a bus or a tram.

And maybe some better drainage systems in some areas. A friend of mine has the bad luck of being hit by water from a car passing by.  And man, she hates that. Cause it’s London, she has a small umbrella in her clutch that can get out when it’s starts to rain. She hates being rained on, and when a car withs her with a ton of water, it’s just a nightmare.

London is still expanding, and people come here to work more and live less. In the city center area there are a lot less people actually, most of the people that you see everyday come from all over the greater London area or outside of M25, some people coming from as far as Leicester to work here.

Cause, well, they do obtain a higher amount of cash working in London, so yeah, probably it’s worth it. They do bring more pollution with their cars in our though….

What do you think we need to improve in London area in the near future ? Leave your answers in the comments.

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