50’s pencil dress

The 50’s women’s fashion was characterized by below the knee dresses. Full skirt or pencil, they were both flattering for the silhouettes back in the days. Browse through our selection and pick your favorite.

This trend has made a major comeback and the fashion industry reinterpreted the pencil dress to make it more contemporary and wearable today. Back in the 50’s the women were characterized by a very small waistline, obtained through shape-wear or for the lucky ones, they were born with one.

Either way, all women wanted to expose this aspect and what better way to do it than through tight pencil dresses?! You might be tempted to think that the whole outfit revolved around the waistline and that’s pretty much true, but there was no less attention given to the rest of the dress. Deep v-necks, big shoulder pads or appealing cutouts, they all make a 50’s pencil dress more interesting and contemporary.

The pencil dress is very in this decade too. Being so versatile, you could wear it to many places and style it in a lot of combinations to make it more approachable. Through its tightness the pencil dress could be more revealing and inviting than a sheer one. A well chosen style follows the shapes of your body and reveals everything to the smallest detail.

From a day at work to a wedding or a party, you could wear a 50’s inspired pencil dress with no problems. Colorful or in one shade, with interesting detailing or with the simplest cuts, the pencil dress comes in a lot of styles and prints. If you are not a proud owner of a ridiculously small waistline you can still wear a dress like this if you apply some small styling tricks to get the wanted effect. One of them is to add a belt to enhance your waist and to make it look really slim and narrow.

Also, keep in mind to balance out the proportions to get the same effect. If you have wide hips, look for a dress with some detailing on the shoulders to balance out the look and make the waistline look small.

You might find a 50’s dress outdated and not fashionable, but we’ve just demonstrated how you can wear it today and look fashionable.

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