Scala closer alignment with Java 8


As you have probably saw on JavaWorld, Scala, the object-oriented and functional language for JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is now aligned with Java 8, the update for the standard Java platform.

On 2nd of November they released the 2.12.0 version which features an overhaul of it’s compiler, taking into consideration with Virtual Machine features from the Java upgrade.

You can now compile directly to an interface with the default methods if you want to improve binary compatibility and interoperability (this one is kind of a dirrect quote from the website).

Of course, you get a better functional code, with methods that take functions easily via lambda syntax. And it comes with a new bytecode optimizer, being configured with -opt compiler option, which removes by default the unreachable code within a method, helping eliminating dead code.

Of course, it’s not all perfect, so in the late November we’re going to have another update for java development teams to check in, the scala version 2.12.1, that should rectify some issues that this version has.

If you are interested, check here a list of issues regarding this versions.

Have you tried the new version of Scala ? What’s your opinion about it ?

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