Romania – The land of choice for software outsourcing

In the las decades, the Romanian IT sector has been expanding rapidly thanks to the abundance of professionally very well prepared and multilingual specialists in a cultural setting that is rather close to Western Europe.

If the subject of this article caught your interest you are probably eager to know what characterizes Romania as a top outsourcing destination, but you are probably also on the look for a new outsourcing opportunity for your company.

Why choose Romania?

The 2014 A.T. Kearney index ranked Romania 5th among the most attractive IT outsourcing destinations in Europe, and according to the Outsourcing Business supplement 2012, Romania occupies 6th position globally in the top 10 emerging outsourcing destinations.

Romania offers highly skilled, English-speaking IT specialists at affordable costs for companies that are looking for software development, software testing and software maintenance.

Even if the Romanian market doesn’t offer the lowest price in the outsourcing IT industry, the country provides highly competitive soft skills and technical proficiency that actually makes the cost look very attractive in comparison with e.g. India’s outsourcing offering. According to the IDC Romania is “superior to what is typically found in other outsourcing locations”.

The fast expanding of outsourcing companies in Romania is yet another proof that this country is prepared to receive the title of outsourcing valley for any type of outsourcing operations like software development, bespoke software development, software testing and software maintenance.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing to Romania are:

* More simplified legal and financial issues – Romania is a EU member state

* Geographical location – The country is easy to reach with 2-3 hours flight from most of Europe’s capitals

* Multilingual skills – almost 90% of the Romanian IT professionals speak English, and a very large number also is fluent in German, French and Italian.

* Technical expertise – the IT professionals in Romania are highly skilled in a wide range of leading edge technologies like PHP, mobile, .NET, Java, etc.

Thanks to the perfect balance between cost and quality more and more companies from UK and continental Europe decided to select Romania for their outsourcing operations.

How do you feel about outsourcing to Romania? Share your thoughts and outsourcing experience with us!

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