London IT Jobs to grow in the next 10 Years

London is set to see a huge increase of tech jobs in the next 10 years with over a quarter of jobs growth coming from the IT sector.

From London’s booming Square Mile to the fast-faced Silicon Roundabout, the UK capital could see almost 150,000 jobs created within the next decade according to a study from the City of London Corporation.

It is expected that the top IT roles in London will focus mainly on developer and analyst roles, which have already seen a big increase of job opportunities in recent years. The average annual salary is also predicted to rise, with developer roles in London commanding an average of £55,000 with a 5% rise year-on-year. Contractors could also see a higher daily rate and increased pool of IT opportunities too.


The last decade alone saw the number of digital and tech companies grow by 75% between 2009 and 2012. According to a report from Tech City Investment Organisation, nearly 600,000 people are employed in the technology and digital sector which has established London as one of the digital capitals of Europe and the World.

However, the risk of the UK leaving the EU and the increasing skills gap might cause a potential barrier in the jobs growth. Recruiters have reported a skills shortage and lack of IT specialists with factors such as experience and salary expectations making it difficult to source potential candidates for IT job roles. New government immigration laws may also prevent businesses from outsourcing qualified and skilled IT professionals from the EU too.

Though the government did announce in its recent Autumn Statement that it would provide start up loans for up to 50,000 new companies and also extend the Enterprise Allowance for entrepreneurs. Other factors that could influence the growth of IT jobs in London include recent investments in training programmes for specialist skillsets to tighten the IT skills gap. There are also companies like Facebook, Samsung and Google opening up innovation centres in London to further push technology in the UK in the next decade.

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