Hackernews of the day – June 20, 2018

1. The Machine Fired Me
2. As Carbon Dioxide Levels Rise, Major Crops Are Losing Nutrients
3. China-based campaign breached satellite, defense companies: Symantec
4. OpenBSD disables Intel’s hyperthreading due to security concerns
5. Canada legalises recreational cannabis use
6. Verizon, AT&T and Sprint to Limit Sales of Cellphone Location Data
7. Behind the Tech with John Carmack: 5k Immersive Video
8. Blender is testing PeerTube after YouTube blocks their videos worldwide
9. Lead: America’s Real Criminal Element (2013)
10. GitHub and Medium take down database of ICE employee LinkedIn accounts
11. AT&T, Time Warner, and the Need for Neutrality
12. Accelerate large-scale applications with BOLT
13. React Native at Airbnb
14. Rust Traits Deep Dive, Part II–operators, Generic Constraints, Monomorphization…
15. Improving Deep Learning Performance with AutoAugment
16. Philip K. Dick: A Visionary Among the Charlatans (1975)
17. A-Terrain – a cartography component for A-Frame
18. Turkey’s ‘Mathematics Village’: Changing education one equation at a time
19. Qt for WebAssembly
20. Microsoft Employees Pressure Leadership to Cancel ICE Contract
21. Anatomy of a DNS Lookup – Part II
22. Microsoft ports Windows 10, Linux to homegrown “E2” CPU design
23. MacOS Caches Data from Encrypted Hard Drives
24. How ranchers in the West survive on their winnings from rodeo riding
25. DensePose – Dense Human Pose Estimation in the Wild
26. Bootstrapping an Online Fabric Shop and Growing to $20k per month
27. Common Mistakes for New Golang Devs
28. In a Detroit Train Station, Ford Looks for the Future
29. Slack Bot Business Tutorial: From zero to $25k per month
30. YouTube’s Piracy Filter Blocks MIT Courses, Blender Videos, and More

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