Best editor for PHP development


There are tons of PHP development tools available all over the web but quite a few good PHP editors for development.

As we all know, editors play an important role in the web development process. They provide plate form to manage projects, helps in editing a CSS file as well handling configuration files.

PHP developers are always looking for a tool that makes a task easy and simple. Here are the best editors for PHP development process.

  1. Eclipse

Currently, in the PHP development process the Eclipse editor is one of the most used editors available.  Eclipse has an open source community that benefits millions of developers around the world. This tool provides development platform for all major languages like java, php, perl and others.

  1. Atom

Build by the Github folks, Atom is making a good impression so far. Atom is a free, open source which is highly customizable. Atom comes with 50 open source packages and a growing library of user submitted packages.

The most important features of this editor are: the file system browser, fast project wide search and replace, code folding, snippets, a clean preferences UI, multiple panels, cursors and selections.

Atom is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms

  1. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is one of the most popular editors available in the market. This editor is design for code, markup, and prose. Highly customizable, the Sublime Text editor offers command palette, split editing, multiple selections and instant project switch.

The key features of this code editor includes distraction free writing mode, quick shortcuts and search, split editing, and much more.

Sublime text is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms.

  1. Notepad++

Notepad++ is the most popular text editor for developers. It’s a free open source code editor for Windows and its release under the GPL license.

Some of the most important features are: the syntax highlighting, auto-completion, syntax folding, zoom in and out, multi-language environment supported and a multi-document tab interface.

Notepad++ is a wonderful, highly customizable, simple option not just for beginners but developers at any level.

What code editor do you use?

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