Fewer fun place to go if you are young in London


A survey of 1000 London citizens by researchers from Britain Thinks found out that young London people tent to be more stressed, angry, lonely and pessimistic about the UK’s capital future and quality of life.

Many people move to London from around the country to benefit from the capital’s big opportunities and a larger income, but most of the become quite stressed and hate the life they have in London.

Most of the peoples below 44 thing that they must undergo huge sacrifices to reside in London, particularly the ones aged between 25 and 34, for whom the number is 62%. In comparison, only 28% of the 55-64 age group believe the same thing and a mere 14% of over-65s. Young adults are far more inclined to believe that residing in London entails accepting a reduced well being than might be had somewhere else.

The older a Londoner is, the greater content she or he is more likely along with their cultural and entertainment alternatives, and also the less inclined to concur that there are drink, drugs and “respect” issues inside their neighbourhoods. And as a surprise, in a city where 78% regard owning their own home as very important, most younger Londoners don’t think they will ever become home-owners. The younger they are, the more sure they are of this: 53% of 35-44 year-olds fall into this category, 62% of 25-34 year-olds and 66% of 18-24 year-olds.

Britain Thinks features a link amongst owning a home and emotional satisfaction: more Londoners who rent, whether social housing or privately, described themselves as more often bored, lonely, sad, angry or stressed than those who own their own homes.

London attracts the young to it and birth rate pushes it’s population boom. What a contradiction, then, that so many of its young find it hard place to have as their home.

If you are interested on big data, you can read the hole study.

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