Boris Johnson supports New Era renters’ struggle with US landowner over rent increases


The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has requested his deputy to step in inside progressively bitter row regarding renters battling to remain in their houses following a United States investment organization purchased their estate with intentions to renovate it and demand rents.

Johnson doesn’t have official capabilities over the New Era property in Hoxton, a rapidly growing part of east London, his spokesman stated, because was private housing on private land.

But he’s instructed his deputy mayor for housing, Richard Blakeway, to speak with Westbrook Partners, the house funding company that purchased the residence earlier this year, “in an effort to try to find a favourable solution that would allow the tenants to stay in their own homes”, the spokesman stated. Blakeway is writing to Westbrook immediately.

Danille Molinari, co-leader of the New Era home owners’ campaign, mentioned that she continued to be concerned. “I’m petrified that I could be out on the streets with my children at any moment. But I’m not going without a fight, and they need to know this. Whoever comes in with them – we’ll keep on going after you as well because morally what you are doing is wrong. We’ve got an amazing campaign and amazing support and we’ll keep on going. We’re not going anywhere.”

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