A trip in downtown Bucharest

I spend most of my time in England, near London. That is the location where I live and work I am quite happy with it. Of course, it rains all the time, but it’s a nice place to live.

But sometimes I need to head abroad to manage some business, most of the time in Eastern Europe, in Budapest, Bucharest or Sofia. Last friday I went to Bucharest for a two day business trip, a trip that I didn’t had enough time to prepare for. So on the last day before the flight, I remembered that I don’t really have a place to stay.

I’ve used booking, but most of the good hotels in downtown Bucharest were full. I didn’t want to get to far from the town center, so I’ve searched for downtown accommodation bucharest and found some interesting location. The prices are similar to a hotel and you get to have your own appartment in downtown Bucharest, with no stress.

I got to the Buchrest, i’ve used a airport transfer Bucharest service to get me and my girl to downtown, in Unirii Square. I was quite surprised to see that the appartment was so close to the town center and it was quite new, even if it was in an old building. Very nice furniture and very confortable.

Anyway, after the business was solved during the day, I went out to the city center and tried out some of their locals. They have incredibly cheap bear ( I mean 1.5 £ for a beer in the town center, where I think is the most expensive beer, it’s quite cheap) and some good food like mici and great steak.

We did not escape from beggers and street people, unfortunately, and that is one of the things that I don’t like in Bucharest. All the alleys are full of this kind of people.

Anyway, after two long days, I finally got back to London, not before paying way to much (some people in the plain tell me that) for a taxi drive. I thought that 30 euro was an ok ammount, but apparently a taxi drive from downtown Bucharest to Otopeni airport is somewhere near 10 euro. So yeah. Happens. I have to be prepared for the next time I get to Bucharest. Probably somewhere in the spring of 2015.

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